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A healthy diet doesn't have to mean eating food you DON'T like. My goal is to create Custom nutrition plans that fits your lifestyle and eating habits so you don’t have to sacrifice everything you LOVE to eat just to lose weight

About me

Hello! I am Sabrina, Brazilian, passionate for self love and care, I also practice lifting and love it. I have changed my body and lifestyle since I realized I am the only one who is able to do it. After studying at FMU for nutrition for 4 years one of the biggest problems I saw was people did NOT know how to eat healthy. Which can cause us to gain weight and live an unhealthy lifestyle. Taking care of our body's needs to be a priority and my goal is to help people to do that.

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Analyze Your Lifestyle

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy, just send me a message or email, it will be my pleasure to walk you through the whole process so you know how everything works.

For sure, with all the knowledge you will gain along the process you will be able to maintain a high quality daily diet, eating what you love and keeping your body on the same weight, it isn’t about maintaining the same weight but being able to dominate the process of eating healthier and having a healthy body, life.

First of all we should not start a diet wondering when we can stop it, but learn how to eat healthier without realizing you are on a diet so you will never want to stop because it will become your routine, part of what you are & where you want to be.

Not at all Feeling hungry during any diet process is the first sign of the wrong method being used.

No, unless your body needs any supplements and how do we know that? We will ask you to order a blood test to analyze if there is a need for any supplements.

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